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  • I think rbarris has the right math. Looking at the schematics, you have 3x3x3 = 27 colors (could be 4x4x4 if they were not all 270). I think they mean 8-pin. At any rate, this board doesn’t seem to provide 8 bit color in the sense someone would expect, 256 colors controlled by 8 bits; at least by the schematics. Perhaps something like 3 bits x 3 bits x 2 bits (8 x 8 x 4 comibined.) I guess you could pulse it, and set up some sort of capacitor to smooth out the pulses, but the board doesn’t have that, nor a place to inject it. If it expected that, it shouldn’t need the 3 states per color it has now, 2 would have done it, reducing the resistors from 6 to 3. So I am at a loss how they call it 8 bit. The link to the web site shows a 3 bit interface, which this has just a little more power than, but not 8 bit, nor any demo on that web page or library showing 8 bit.

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