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  • These holders look identical to some I have. I'm not sure of the exact gauge, but the safe current limit is certainly no more than 2A. Many 18650 are intended for bright led flashlights and have current limiting at 2-2.5 A. I use these holders on small robots which draw < 2A.

    If you need higher current, I recommend Li batteries designed for RC hobbies. These will yield much higher current and have suitable connectors. Be aware that RC cells usually have NO internal protection.

  • Wonderfull!! What a great idea! I bought one and use it everyday at my workbench. FAR FAR FAR superior to the old Radio Shack 3rd hand. I now have 5 hands when assembling, wiring, soldering my small robots.

    I recomment buying an extra arm to go with the 2 that ship with the base.

    Yes, screwing the plastic arm into to the aluminum base can be a little tricky. Take your time. You only need to do it once.

  • I bought one based on the video. It's just as they claim, FAR superior to my old 3rd hand from Radio Shack. I thought the guy in the video was a bit theatrical when he tossed his old 3rd hand model in the trash. Nope, he was right. I just deposited my old one in the same receptacle.

  • I must agree. Why is there no pinout???

  • They are all good. But the product tee tells the truth. We are all geeky gadget junkies!

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