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  • Great, many thanks for taking the time to make all these suggestions.

  • Ah fantastic, many thanks for that, I will do some experimenting. I want to start a playlist consisting of randomly determined tracks by the press of one button so I think using the PLO output as a flag will help me with this. Thanks!

  • Fantastic product, I have used many of them!

    I'd like to add a vote for potential updates: It would be great if the Wav Trigger could send a signal to a connected Arduino when the current track finishes to add in another level of automation. Thanks!

  • Can anyone point me in the right direction...? I may need to split the headphone signal to power 8 sets of headphones... I'm thinking this may cause the volume to reduce by 8x but is that the case...? Is it true that I should opt for as low as possible impedance for the headphones..? Thanks!

  • Apologies for the delay - All is ok when the wav triggers button is pressed so it's just when the arduino sets the command.

  • Very odd, all is normal if the Arduino is taken out of the equation.

  • Strange thing happened with my board... I get an odd digital noise on trigger press when using the Arduino Wav Trigger library. Wav Trigger RX is hooked up to pin 9 on the Arduino and the serial ground is connected to Arduino ground. However. this only happens when using certain MicroSD cards! The one that works fine is a 2GB MicroSD HC while the ones that are being used when the noise is apparent are 2GB and 4GB MicroSD and 4GB MicroSD HC. On one card the audio is also distorted, on another the noise occurs just as the trigger/switch is pressed. All files are the same. Quite strange! Any thoughts...?

  • would this circuit power an xbee ok with a 3.3V voltage regulator instead?

  • I want to power a PIR and transistor circuit using the MP3 trigger power supply so that I only need one power supply. Is this safe? Will I fry anything? I plan on hooking up to dc socket and ground on the board.

    Here is the PIR: http://www.parallax.com/sites/default/files/downloads/555-28027-PIR-Sensor-Prodcut-Doc-v2.2.pdf

    and here is the transistor: http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/P2N2222A-D.PDF


  • Hello all, Xbee beginner just making sure this is the right tool for a job... so I have three questions!

    I want to make a surround sound system. One xbee will be hooked up to a switch and numerous other xbees will each have their own mp3 trigger which activate when the switch is pressed.

    Is it possible to get ALL files in the numerous mp3 triggers to start playing at the same time? ie will some lag and start a bit later?

    If variations in start time between receiving xbees are likely, is it possible to use code to delay triggers so they start when the slowest xbee is ready ie introducing general latency just to make all files start to play simultaneously?

    Could this lag be in seconds or is it more likely to be milliseconds?

    Many thanks for any help

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