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  • Tutorial - Beginning Embedded Electronics - 1 | about 3 weeks ago

    would this circuit power an xbee ok with a 3.3V voltage regulator instead?

  • Product WIG-11029 | about 6 months ago

    I want to power a PIR and transistor circuit using the MP3 trigger power supply so that I only need one power supply. Is this safe? Will I fry anything? I plan on hooking up to dc socket and ground on the board.

    Here is the PIR:

    and here is the transistor:


  • Product WRL-10414 | last year

    Hello all, Xbee beginner just making sure this is the right tool for a job… so I have three questions!

    I want to make a surround sound system. One xbee will be hooked up to a switch and numerous other xbees will each have their own mp3 trigger which activate when the switch is pressed.

    Is it possible to get ALL files in the numerous mp3 triggers to start playing at the same time? ie will some lag and start a bit later?

    If variations in start time between receiving xbees are likely, is it possible to use code to delay triggers so they start when the slowest xbee is ready ie introducing general latency just to make all files start to play simultaneously?

    Could this lag be in seconds or is it more likely to be milliseconds?

    Many thanks for any help

  • Product DEV-10628 | last year

    Any idea why i can only get sound out of one earphone..?

  • Tutorial - MP3 Player Shield Quickstart Guide | last year

    Sorted, one of the Mega pins to use was recorded incorrectly in the post that I saw. I found this works:

    Jumper leads from MP3 player shield SPI to Arduino Mega: 10 (SS) > 53 (SS), 11 (MOSI) > 51 (MOSI), 12 (MISO) > 50 (MISO), 13 (SCK) > 52 (SCK)

  • Tutorial - MP3 Player Shield Quickstart Guide | last year

    Hi, did this get sorted? I’m having the same problem but using a Mega R3. Thanks for any help

  • Product COM-09181 | last year

    Great, many thanks for that Toni!

  • Product COM-09181 | last year

    This feels like a silly question but I’m a beginner… but how many of these buttons can the Arduino Uno’s pins handle? One button connector to the ground and the other on a digital pin per button?

  • Product COM-09181 | last year

    Great, many thanks Toni!

  • Product COM-09181 | last year

    I want to use these buttons in a project for young children (under 5s); do they require an amount of strength to activate? Do you have to really bash them?

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