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  • I came back to check on availability after missing out on the SparkX model and, like Chippey, was surprised to see a 33% price hike for the "Sparkfun" version. Other than different color for the PCB there seems to be no difference. Seeing all the design work was already done for the SparkX version, there should have been little development cost for the Sparkfun unit. I would like to have people like Timmey as customers; just keep jacking up the price and they come back for more.

    Chippey, rather than make your own, vote with your feet and get some modules from Ublox at https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/c94-m8p.

    For the same price as 2 Sparkfun boards, each with only the GPS module, uBlox give you: • 2 application boards (both with comms radios built in) • 2 external UHF antennas • 2 external active GNSS antennas • 2 antenna ground planes • 2 micro-USB cables

    Much better deal.

  • Note to self:- "No matter how much elevator you apply, you still need a prop to fly."

  • These would be better if they had a supply voltage of 12 volts @ (say) 1.2 amps rather than the strange 4.8 volts at a large amperage.

    If these items are custom made for Sparkfun, you may sell more if the next batch came as 12 volt units.

  • ...... and after they injected me with their DNA, they beamed me back down to Earth to go forth and propagate. Any takers???

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