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  • I just wanted to share my experience with my weather station as of late. Sorry for being long winded- I just hope this might help someone else down the road. I am using an electric imp with an Arduino along with the Spark Fun weather station as used in this tutorial, but am using an adafruit temp/humidity sensor instead of what is used in the tutorial. My latest issue was Wunderground not gathering my "dewptf" data but gathering the rest of it. Meaning, all of my data would upload and be reflected in the "current conditions" section except the Dew Point. However, the graphed/table data for my station was showing the correct dew point data, it just wasn't updating in the "current conditions" section at the top. I tried many things to get it working such as moving the variable to different spots of the "bigString" string in my Imp IDE Agent code and even creating a new wunderground account to upload to. Meanwhile, the upload to the Sparkfun database wasn't having any issues. This confused me and I initially wrote it off as a Wunderground issue as my code never changed and one day it just decided to not work correctly. Since my dewptf data wasn't being updated in the "current conditions" section, it was causing my Wunderground app to show incorrect temperatures, as the dewptf variable would show, for example, 73F but the actual outdoor temperature was 40F and it would cause Wunderground to be confused and show the outdoor temperature as 73*F instead, matching the false Dew Point temp. Sometimes the website on a PC would show the uploaded data of the current outside temperature, but then sometimes it would switch to the false number. Baffling. I was about to abandon the Wunderground luxury but then I noticed something. The Agent code used "http.post" function to send the string to Wunderground, but used "http.get" function to send it to Sparkfun. I then changed the "http.post" to "http.get" and alas! My Wunderground station was updating the dewptf data! So, I am not sure why the author of the tutorial and Electric Imp code decided to use the "http.post" function for Wunderground, but it appears Wunderground didn't like it anymore. I am not programming savvy enough to know what the differences are, but I am glad my Wunderground account is now functioning as normal again. Cheers and happy weather monitoring!

  • Never mind. I had to download the entire package from the upper level. Downloaded the single .skp file was what wasn't working.

  • I cannot open the Sketchup models from your github. I am getting an error that states, "This does not appear to be a SketchUp model!". I am using SketchUp 2016.

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