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  • Just curious, I had my Easy VR Shield connected to an arduino UNO board and had noticed that the power went out on both boards. When I went to go plug the boards back in there was power to both boards; however, the program was erased. Therefore, I tried to re-train and re-program the board and when ever I open up the Easy VR commander a window pops up saying, “Arduino UNO has been detected but the Easy Bridge program was malfunctiong or out of date, please refere to manual for proper install.” From there I re-downloaded the Easy VR commander and Easy VR liabraries and am still getting the same message. This all happened because of a power out I believe. In short, my questions are:

    1. Is there a new Easy VR commander and libraries that have been updated in order to re-train and program the shield ?
    2. I noticed when I went to go use me my voice command that the easy vr commander would pick up the transduced signal according to the Easy VR commander software (green flashing light over the trained word);however the indicator led was not responding making me think something is up with the dsp.
    3. Has anything similar happened like this before and what do you recommend in doing ?
  • Is there any schematic for the board available like the Arduino has on their website ? I was wondering because i want to know if I could implement a bandpass filter onto the board ? Any suggestions ?

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