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  • I'll second that - let it be a bit wider, but with D+ and D- broken out. Currently, the capacitor in front of micro USB connector prevents using these pins directly, and de-soldering the connector to place it on separate board is not so nice variant.

  • I've used it for my GPS datalogger project and found some effect that I want to describe. Uh-oh was placed between battery and Powercell (charger + 5v source). When I disconnect the drained battery from Uh-oh (to prevent full discharge with Oh-oh green LED) and put the external power on Powercell USB connector to feed the device, Powercell turns on the red LED, indicating battery charging process (while there is only Uh-oh on battery connector).

    So, if you are going to put the Uh-oh between the Powercell (or some other LiPo charger) and battery, it's better to use double switch to cut off both inputs of Uh-oh.

  • In USSR times, schools had to arrange civil defense trainings for pupils. Using gas masks and anti-gas medical kits were a part of it, so every school had large amount of these masks in storage. Some legacy of Cold War.

  • Recently used OpenLog in precise GPS project - hooked up the RXI of OpenLog to the Navilock EM-500 receiver TX and RX of JK Devices FTDI adapter. Both EM-500 and FTDI adapter using the 3.3V logic. Works perfectly.

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