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  • News - September Caption Contest | about 7 months ago

    Some are wise, some otherwise.

  • Product SEN-11183 | about 11 months ago

    You need better definition of your application here - there’s not enough to go on. What pressure? 3" diameter, or length? What type of liquid? What material is your pressure vessel made of? Depending on the design of your application, it MAY be easier to detect integrity problems at low pressure than at system or even proof pressures. Also, is this a single test, or is it a production / acceptance test? I am a retired aerospace engineer, with extensive test equipment and fluid power design experience. I’d be glad to help, if it keeps my damaged brain busy….

  • Product SEN-11183 | last year

    Turbine flowmeters typically have a 10:1 turdown accuracy. With good bearings and more precise machining, 50:1 is reasonably attainable. A high - priced RF pickoff can eliminate magnetic reluctance on the turbine, and get you to 100:1. Factors such as viscosity, density, and air entrainment (for liquids) also effect accuracy. Only a positive - displacement flowmeter is truly accurate, but with that comes pressure drop and cost issues. $130 is pretty reasonable for a turbine and conditioning circuitry.

    All I want this thing to do is tell me how much beer is left in my keg. Inspired by the Sparkfun Tweeting Kegerator? You bet!

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