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  • Without thought of the consequences, a mild mannered dentist takes aim at Cecil, the last remaining CRT Monitor of its species.

  • Ah… That wasn’t a peanut butter spreader with the April 2004 issue of ‘DIY Aeroplane’ magazine.

  • Looking at the console and the Battery blocks, it appears that the USB connectors line up. Given the close stacking of the boards, does this mean that only one can be connected at a time? Could the USB connectors be staggered so they don’t interfere with each other?

  • At what temperature are these leads 0.000269978402 nautical miles long?

    They offer a few orders of magnitude better precision than that old platinum-iridium alloy bar I have at the national standards lab… ;-)

  • Safety glasses make trans-orbital frontal lobotomies impossible, so here at SFE we perform the more painful trans-aural lateral lobotomies on all our new interns.

  • Modern day PIC Users always knew who invented the ATmega chips.

  • Productivity Doubled. Check! Office Space Utilization Increased. Check! Restroom breaks halved….

  • $150K up for grab in $10 increments, Membership numbers now nearly 200K, randomised by internet packet loss => probability of winning anything… low…
    I suggest you put a basic maths tutorial up so (some of) the fans don’t get so upset when they don’t win big.
    A few hours entertainment for everybody, and charity get something into the bargain. What more could you ask for?

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