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  • Hi, I just bought a RedBoard and am having issues with Windows recognizing the FTDI chip. A story as old as time, I know. I used to have no issues with FTDI based arduinos in the past with this PC, but for some reason I'm having issues now. The error is it shows up as Other Devices -> USB Serial in the device manager and "Device USB\VID_1A86&PID_7523\5&1beeb37f&0&4 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match."

    I've downloaded the latest VCP driver from the FTDI website but I still get the same error. Have you run into this issue? Is it a windows update issue? Thanks!

  • As far as wireless communication links, have you tried using the 434MHz Tx/Rx combo you guys sell? A WiFi unit in every light would add up quickly, and since you only need uni directional communication, these should, in theory, work. You could put a cheap receiver in every light, and assign every light an address. Then you would only need a single base station - connect it to your computer/phone via WiFi, and then transmit the data from WiFi over the 434MHz link. Could something like that work for a setup like this? I haven't really played with the Tx/Rx modules yet, but would like to.

  • Depending on what you're doing, especially if you are controlling the strip with a microcontroller, if you make sure you don't blast all three colors, R,G,B, on full at the same time, you will probably be ok. Like if you were trying to make a trippy R --> G --> B fade, you might be able to stay under the max current limit. Also, even the most modest of hackers has a box of old wall wart adapters. Check those out, almost all of them show output voltage and current rating. Find one that suits your needs and hack off the end, double check the polarity, and use that!

  • Yes, I fixed this by cracking the back off with a butter knife, desoldering the ground lead from the circuit board, and then soldering it back on. There must be some internal connection that gets reset when removing power.

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