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  • How can I confirm that the motor is running in the correct direction. I'm not sure whether HIGH or LOW is the correct setting for my motor controller and the motor instructions imply that the only difference is that one direction should give better performance than the other. I would guess that the motor should move anti-clockwise when looking at the blades, ie that the edge closest to the spindle is the leading edge and the outermost part of the blade is the trailing edge. Thus the water is sucked in the middle and thrust to the outer edges.

  • Is it possible to dynamically change the stepping resolution whilst the motor is running? It would be useful to be able to use a lower resolution at higher speeds so as to improve torque.

  • Can someone recommend a suitable power supply for this controller? I need something that can feed up to 2A at up to 35V, preferably a switched unregulated supply.

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