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  • I just wanted to add to this because it was a balanced reply. Bravo.

    LabVIEW is what it is. Yes, it's proprietary. Yes, it's VERY different from ANY language and that may seem arcane. However, it grew up in a very specific environment and, as such, is very good in that environment. As stated above, it's widely used in R&D labs, production testing lines, automated tests, and general measurement gathering. Why? Because they do an amazing job of shortcutting tedious driver work and GUI work. They also have done an amazing job of making parallel processing dead simple. Yes, I know you can accomplish all of this in any other language, but in the environments above, time is ABSOLUTE king. Saving schedule and everyone's time more than makes up for the cost of NI products (and they are expensive). So buy this kit as a learning tool and a stepping stone.

    Now, I know a lot of people have been grinding their teeth up until now. Here's what it is not. LabVIEW is not lightweight. It has overhead you can't control due to code being compiled behind the scenes. LabVIEW is not really for mass released product. It comes with a laundry list of drivers and an entire runtime environment when compiled. LabVIEW is nothing like text languages. In fact, if you keep any of your old programming notions, I absolutely guarantee it will come back to bite you. Take time to do the training and drink the KoolAid. LabVIEW is mostly compiled behind the scenes. Your block diagram gets turned into binary code in a rather complex way. This may scare some people.

    What did we learn today? A tool is a tool is a tool. Use it for what it's good at and don't get mad when your hammer doesn't drive a screw very well. As such, use this kit to learn LabVIEW if the above fields interest you. Being good (I mean really good) at LabVIEW is a skill we've always looked for in the past two jobs I've been in.

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