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  • super cool subject

    presentation style old brained people use (talk about what you are going to talk about>show it>talk about the cool stuff)

    presentation style young brained people use (I'm a 47 year old genius) (show the cool stuff>talk about it)

    the interwebs has reduced old brain stuff, but most people are still prisoners of the medieval school system.

    thank you for making this, it may provide a fundamental insight into the nature of the universe.

  • make a robot that:

    takes less than 60 min to assemble from bare bones components (resistors, switches, sensors, etc.)

    costs less than $50 in parts

    can navigate a simple maze

    can shoot a ping pong ball for some triggering event

    challenge Part II

    make the kit available as a single item purchase at sparkfun so the students I teach can buy them.

    credit card is in hand while I wait


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