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  • https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/11151

    There's the part if you want to look elsewhere. Then it's just solder and drill a new hole in the enclosure. You can add pots and switches and LEDs galore!

  • credit cards are real and a fun way to get depressed quickly.

  • In the dev guide it says it can be used for telemetry but no mention of altitude restrictions.

    However, off their website in the faq they mention this: The RockBLOCK does not have a GPS chip inside it. It’s invisaged that if you want position reports, you would use an off-the-shelf GPS module with your solution, and get position data from that. However, it is worth noting that with each Iridium transmission we do get an approximate position report - this varies in accuracy from 100km to 1km, and therefore cannot be relied upon for very accurate tracking, but we do provide this information for you (along with the approximate accuracy, 'CEP' in km) with your messages. If you are looking for a dedicated tracking satellite tracking device, then you might want to consider our RockSTAR product. http://www.rock7mobile.com/products-rockblock

    So depending on your needs, you may need GPS if you want better than 1km precision...

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