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  • Are the two speed boards (the two plastic gears) needed to operate with the RaspiRobot board? One of them refuses to stay on. Also, on the motor orientation: do I just go with what the assembly instructions have? I have the flat sides (looking at the rear of the motors) facing each other. I’m assuming this is the correct orientation.

  • to connect the power supply to a breadboard can I use the same header strips (pins) that came with my Inventor’s Kit?

  • I got the link for this relay from reading the Sparkfun tutorial ‘Controllable Power Outlets’. The relay in the tutorial is pictured with a control board containing resistor, LED, etc. Does Sparkfun sell this item with the board? Or do I have to buy that somewhere else?

  • i’m looking for a regular ‘on/off’ button. Is this what this is?

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