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  • Thanks for the reply, sir! I also did some research, looks like Colorado is NOT a right to work state. As far as I know, this basically means if you work for a Union shop and you're not actually in the union, you pay "shop fees" instead of "union dues." Might as well join the Union and vote on something. Generally a lot less Union labor in a right to work state.

    Hopefully you and your GC choose to go union. Some helpful information if you do: For your inside wiring and electrical construction it would be IBEW LU 68. Your Carpenters union (any inside walls, possibly exterior too) are Local 515 Your Operating Engineers (machine operators, lifts, cranes, etc.) are Local 9 Your laborers (all the miscellaneous stuff) are Local 720

    The list goes on and on. You can also check in with your local AFL-CIO branch (there is one in Boulder,) I'm sure they would be more than willing to help out and point you in the right direction.

  • Ease up..I meant on the building construction. What does union labor have to do with environmentalists or the things SparkFun produces?

  • I don't know whether Colorado is a right to work state, but hopefully you'll be using Union contractors?

  • Seems to be a solid module. Haven't tested it yet. I should warn you though, the format is SOIC Wide, so the SOIC to DIP 8-Pin on this site doesn't really work (ESPECIALLY if you're new to SMD soldering, like I am.) There are other SOIC to DIP adapters available on the net that will work though. I ended up using one and the soldering became easy.

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