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  • You need to specify whether to order your Snickerdoodle "connectors up" or "connectors down" on all the Snickerdoodle accessory boards. It matters.

  • This listing is confusing. If you look at the specs, it's the generic description of the two sizes (One and Black) of Snickerdoodle. Is it connectors-up? Down? Is it the PiSmasher (not in the picture)? What is this?

  • I had trouble too, using MacOS Mavericks. I found experimentally that hitting the reset button 3 times about a second apart after hitting the "load" function got the reset to hit at the right time and download the board, but that got really tedious really fast.

    Although MacOS comes with FTDI drivers written by Apple, they don't seem to control the modem-control lines, or if they do, not the same way the Arduino SDK and bootloader expect. I downloaded the latest MacOS drivers from the FTDI site and it works great now. I just now searched and found this, which tells how to do it:

    On a related front, I've had 2 MacOS crashes while working with Arduino, the only ones I've ever had in my entire history with MacOS X except when my hardware was dying. (Other people have had this too, e.g., see ) My hypothesis is that it's from a USB-connected Arduino running a sketch spewing data but with no terminal window running, exercising a driver bug or a bug in the USB serial port handling, but I don't know (it happened both before and after my driver upgrade, so I lean toward it being in USB code). Since I first had that suspicion, I've always started a terminal window as soon as a sketch is loaded, and haven't had another crash, but YMMV.

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