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    Getting partially garbled text from serial output when receiving song track meta data like artist, title, and album. I'm using a Purpletooth Jamboree with a Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz and during playback when the Arduino receives AVRCP media info over a 9600 baud serial connection, I'm finding that the arduino is only receiving about 80 characters worth of legible notification data per track. Here's some output with the character length after each notification:

    AVRCP_MEDIA TITLE: American Idiot    (length: 33)
    AVRCP_MEDIA ARTIST: Green Day    (length: 29)
    MM5_OB3_EcC G    (length: 32)
    AVRCP_MEDIA TITLE: Amber    (length: 24)
    AVRCP_MEDIA ARTIST: 311    (length: 23)
    AVRCP_MEDIA ALBUM: From Chaos    (length: 29)
    MTE    (length: 7)
    AVRCP_MEDIA TITLE: Andy, You’re A Star    (length: 40)
    AVRCP_MEDIA ARTIST: The Killers    (length: 31)
    AVRCP_MA:sC  C U7CA ADI(4    (length: 25)
    AVRCP_MEDIA TITLE: Anna Molly    (length: 29)
    AVRCP_MEDIA ARTIST: Incubus    (length: 27)
    AVRCP_MEDIA ALBUM: Lig sPN9PTM3P R    (length: 34)

    Any clue what's going on here? Some form of serial buffer overflow maybe?

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