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  • This shield works fine with Arduino Uno..Do not use a micro sd card ,which is rated above class 4.I used a kingston class 4 micro sd card(worked perfectly) .Remember to change the CS pin to 8(both in sketch and header files).While installing the shield on the arduino board ,push the shield all the way down to ensure proper connection b/w the arduino and shield.This shield communicates to the mcu via SPI protocol(pin number-11,12,13,10.Although the default CS/SS pin is 10,this shield uses pin number number 10 must be defined as a o/p in the setup. P.s I am currently working on a project with involves xbee and data logging(using sd card shield).I have hooked up couple of sensors around my apartment and I am collecting the data through a xbee mesh network..Please hit me back ,if u have a great idea (especially related to xbee).

  • I have ordered a micro SD shield,will receive it in a day or two Will the SD card work by making following changes?? .changing chip select pin from 4 to 8. < 2>.pinMode(10,OUTPUT)… Is it necessary to make changes in Sd2PinMap.h file?(changing SS_PIN = 10 to SS_PIN=8)?

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