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  • I have two of these; here is some feedback. I am using one to hold a regular Arduino compatible dev board and the other to hold a Netduino 2 Plus (both have same form factor as an Arduino Uno).

    1. The recessed design of the mount for the dev board works fine for a regular Arduino but makes it difficult to disconnect the Ethernet cable from a Netduino. Adafruit has a flat laser-cut acrylic base plate that works better with the Netduino in this regard.

    2. It would have been nice if SparkFun had included 4 screws rather than just 2 for use in attaching the dev board to the holder. I find that if you have a dev board attached to the holder (using only 2 screws) and if you're also a shield, the board will flex if/when you try to detach the shield. It's not a problem if you use 4 screws.

    3. The board is a little slippy on some desktop surfaces. I went out and got some adhesive rubber feet to deal with this. I wound up attaching 6 feet rather than 4 to deal with the peculiar shapes on the underside of the board.

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