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  • I draw your attention to the 2nd paragraph. There a number of magazines over here in the UK (Computing, Computer Weekly, PC Plus, etc.) who like nothing more than publishing stories about when major players within the IT sector get things wrong in spectacular fashion. I imagine the US publications have a similar (slightly vindictive) sense of humour. I think a few emails may be in order here!
    "Sir/ madam
    As a user of Sun Microsystems products for a number of years (I'm a professional Java Programmer and the firm where I work use a number of SPARC Servers), I was appalled to read about the cease and desist letter that you've sent to SparkFun Electronics for alleged infringement of trademark....
    I should like to point out that the negative publicity within the IT sector of you pursuing this claim against a company who are not a direct rival to Sun Microsystems will be catastrophic when compared with any alleged negative impact on your brand caused by allowing SparkFun Electronics to continue trading under their existing name.

  • Never mind a connector, how about this and the backlight on a breakout board?

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