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  • I’m having a curious problem. I’m trying to connect this guy to a Byonics TinyTrak3 for a HAB project. The tiny track only understands NMEA0183 in RS232 and 5v TTL, so I connected a 5v-3.3v level converter to the GPS. I’m able to connect it through a max232 to a serial port and use the software to configure it. that works perfectly fine, and I get a signal lock and an accurate position in no time. Also, the tiny track seems to be working as well, I can configure it, and it transmits packets with my callsign. After making sure I configured the tiny track to accept TTL signals, I’ve tried to connect the two. The light on the GPS is blinking, but I see no position info in the transmitted packets. I’ve quadruple checked all the pinouts, even recreating the connections on a breadboard. I’ve run out of ideas, maybe this is a better question for Byonics, but I’m not sure which end of it has the problem.

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