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  • I just noticed the 1.2 schematic and board layout... change the Pads to the larger size is great, BUT you totally move the A4/A5 pinblock/header... for boards that were layed out for the pre v1.2 placement, it looks like they will have to be redone to use this new layout :(.... That's never good... Others be advised, I have no idea when the 1.2 boards will be available, but that placement of those pins has change it appears.

  • Did this board every get redesigned, replaced, updated, etc? It's been out of stock for a great period of time... if it's being replaced... I'd really like to see an 9dof with baro as it's replacement (ITG-3200, BMA-180, HMC-5883L, and BMP-085).
    Sure would like to pick one up if available?

No public wish lists :(