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  • His acting is almost as bad as Nicolas Cage's,but he has less wages. His head is almost the size of Tom Brady's, but cant get ladies.

  • I am currently working on a project but I need to conserve my PWM pins to use for other components. Can someone please tell me how I know what pins on this audio board need PWM capability? currently I have CLK and Busy going into PWM pins. Can you please help?

  • Recently tried a seemingly identical sandisk micro sd card. It worked. Apparently some unknown force determines if these cards work or not haha.

  • Hi, I have been tinkering with the audio sound board for a school project where we will have a toy talk and move via communication with a tablet. I am currently trying to get the sound board to play the sounds that I have uploaded to its SD card but i am having a lot of trouble. I have yet to have the board produce any kind of sound. I have already: Formatted the Sandisk 2gb micro SD card to FAT16 Converted my Audio files to .ad4 format Hooked up the unit trying both serial and mp3 formats. Named the files in the sd card 0000.ad4 0001.ad4... ect. I currently am just trying to make the simplest MP3 setup work so I can proceed to more complicated tasks but I'm afraid I have reached a block. I have attached an image of what my simplest setup looks like. Also my hardware list is: 3.3v power source from Arduino Uno Ground from Arduino Uno 0.5 watt 8 ohm sparkfun speaker WTV020SD board 2gb Sandisk MicroSd card Any help would be greatly appreciated I already Emailed Sparkfun tech support. I have had no response. Thanks


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