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  • Just got a Yun and the weather shield this week. Out of the box they will not work but with some simple changes you can get most of the features working.

    I was looking to record temperature, and humidity, and I now have this working with the Yun and the weather shield.

    As noted here the two wire interface on the Yun is on D2&D3 as opposed to the UNO which is on A4&A5. The temperature, humidity and pressure sensors on the shield are wired to A4/A5. So for now I have jumped A4 to D2 and A5 to D3.

    Second, the weather shield wants power via VIN which it regulates to 3.3V for the pressure, temperature humidity sensors etc. Unloaded there is 5V present on VIN on the Yun but as soon as you plug in the shield it goes away. Simple solution is to jump 5V to VIN (I am powering Yun via USB). Note there is a warning about VIN on the YUN spec sheet.

    I now have the example code running, but I removed all of the code related to wind, and rain because of the jumps I made above (Wind and Rain are on D2 and D3).

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