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  • Reminds me of the horrible demotivational posters they would hang around the Engineering department of my University. I'm sure the IET still use these stock photos.

  • I suppose one of the turn offs for me,in working with FPGAs has been the lack of projects based around them.

    If you google microcontroller based projects, you can find 1000s of projects. Whereas if you did the same with FPGA projects you would be hard pressed to find a handful.

    At university we only really recieved an introduction to them. It involved designing a traffic light state machine, which is fine as an introduction, but it doesn't really impress anyone.

    Does anyone know of any impressive FPGA projects?

  • Sparkfun could always simply drop the Arduino, and start selling MSP430 Launch Pads.

    They're grand wee boards, at a fraction of the price of the Uno.

  • SparkFun - The rock stars of STEM education. :P

  • I have to admit, I have never worn safety glasses while soldering. I have never seen or heard of anyone using them either. Not at university, not in industry.

    Is this a legal requirement in the U.S? I live in Europe, so I suppose our regulations are different.

  • This is why Spark Fun is such a great company. RS and Farnell never invite you around to their place.