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  • Tutorial - The FCC and Open Source Hardware | last year

    The pdf version is much more readable


  • Tutorial - The FCC and Open Source Hardware | last year

    Not everything with an FCC ID on it is even really legal, especially if it’s also marked “Made in China”, and sold on eBay.

    See page 9: http://transition.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Engineering_Technology/Documents/bulletins/oet62/oet62rev.pdf

    This last week I had interest in upgrading my old Motorola Backflip to a newer android phone, preferably with multiple cores (2-4) above 1ghz, 1gb ddr3, 4gb of nand, and a 5" or larger high res screen/digiitizer. Things like this selling in the US from “real” vendors, tend to be priced well above $600.

    Very nice quad core MTK6589 Star S7189 for $189 are very tempting, except for the lack of a FCC ID. Some of China phones carry a fake FCC ID, like the Note2 series with an fcc id of A3LNote2, which isn’t actually a real Samsung in the database. Take a look at the pictures in the battery bay of China phones on eBay, until you find an FCC ID, then try and look it up. Just for grins, also lookup the IMEI number … for some phones both the FCC ID and IMEI numbers are counterfeit.

    Look at the battery bay picture of this phone, with both a fake FCC ID and IMEI: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200927057435

    The IMEI belongs to an Eiroga E71i which is a keyboard phone, and the FCC ID vendor is Samsung.



    While this probably helps them get through customs without forfeiture, it’s certainly not going to protect the idiots reselling them in the USA from the FCC without filling the required 740 form, and hoping someone doesn’t check the FCC ID. http://transition.fcc.gov/Forms/Form740/740.pdf

    The eBay China sellers when pressed, first they say they are legal, and they have a lot of resellers importing the phones.

    Just like they don’t have a problem with counterfeit name brands, they don’t have a problem with counterfeit FCC ID’s. Press them a little harder, and you might get the following reply like I did :)

     i understand your mean!
     we also sell the model!
     all china phone come with FCC mark on label!
     our phone also come with it!!
     but these phones only have the mark, but no test by FCC
     if you think it is no problem,we can supply these phones!

    So at the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to trust legal operation of anything from China.

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