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  • We have purchased 3 sensors, and only 1 of them had defective hardware. The others worked fine with the code samples, pretty usable right out of the box.

  • I couldn’t get CoolTerm to work directly with the board. I ended up using the USB Explorer…

  • I figured it out - I had to flash the firmware on both again and make sure that one was configured as Coordinator and one was configured as Router. Now they connect and talk!

  • I have two XBees, each on Fio v3. I’ve checked over 10 times that I’m using CoolTerm that I’ve written the correct DL for each. For some reason, when I power up both boards, neither ASO light blinks. Any ideas as to what’s going on?

  • Can I use CoolTerm directly with this board, or do I have to use something like the Explorer?

  • Can I use a 3.7v 500mAh Li-Poly battery with this?

  • What’s the pin spacing if I want to solder female headers for jumper cables and breadboards?

  • To clarify: you will not need to solder the xbee to the breakout board. However you will need to solder the headers and female sockets to the breakout board. This was one of my first soldering projects, and all the pins seem to be working. Make sure you watch some tutorials and practice with your iron first! After that, I had no problems.

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