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  • Sorry, this is actually a single-ended mic. A closer look at the schematic shows that the “negative” leg of the mic is tied to “LED” which is an output of the 1932. “LED” is active low so when recording (the red LED is lit), the mic operates like a single-ended mic. But when not recording, the mic is ineffective because “LED” is driving high…which is why it doesn’t work in feedthrough mode.

  • I have this board working where I can record a message (@ 3.5v, direct mode, single message, 150k ohm Rosc). I can only record if the line out jack is not connected (no biggie, but might help others looking at this board). I can start & stop play, no problem. But the 1932 spec sheet says feed-through only for single ended audio! The board had a differential mic glued down. I can’t get feed-through to work. Is it because the differential mic is present? Has anyone gotten feed-through to work with this board? Do I need to lift the capacitors and solder down a single ended mic to get feed-through to work? If so, this should still allow muxing between the recorded audio and the single ended mic? So close to finishing my project! Any help is very much appreciated! :-)

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