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  • I will be glad to give you information regarding the balloon transmitter.It is a very simple circuit using a single 2n2222 transistor.As small as it is,the signal is very strong at high altitudes as mine was heard for over 5 hours after launch. I would love to try my hand at APRS...but the cost is out of my league.Here is a photo of the transmitter using a crystal from an old 56k modem (28.224) and a picaxe keyer circuit.Look me up on QRZ.com for my email if you want a schematic. http://s430.photobucket.com/user/N2NXZ/media/DSCF0038.jpg.html?sort=3&o=34


  • I recently launched a balloon from Rochester,NY back in early May of 2013.It headed North and was last heard after 5 hours or so in the North/East direction.It has my email and information inside the waterproof container with the 10 meter radio beacon @ 28.224 mhz.It also runs from solar cells.Last year we sent the same payload which was found by hunters 6 months later.Hoping this one will be found or heard again. Videos of past/present launches here > http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvhnzZgEhEPRxzjpzUw3ug Jim,N2NXZ

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