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  • photo shows ant. yes or no?

  • Here's my biggest beef with this no matter where I look everybody selling a kit not just the board. I can get a mini PCI card for $90 I don't need the raspberry pi or all the accessories why don't you start selling the board by itself and then I actually might purchase it because I have a real need for a decent Lora Gateway and I see that this will never take off in the United States if the price doesn't come down for the gateway hardware and a single channel gateway is not the right way to do it. I want to try to implement a citywide gateway network kind a like a APRS in the ham world but the cost is just too high for large scale implementation for non-commercial users would you mind selling me just the board itself I have everything else.

  • Could you sell only the parts minus the pi to get this working at a lower price point? I really want to develop applications but the hardware cost is prohibitively high

  • So is this long term hardware? Wanting to develop solutions for 15 remote locations but can't find any reliable info nor people using this hardware... esp and Lora look 👀 better...

  • also whats the current consumption of this device ... I dont see that spec listed....

  • So when will you make a full gateway for lora?

  • https://hackaday.com/2014/08/05/sniffing-nrf24l01-traffic-with-wireshark/

    People getting away from Bluetooth as it is too easy to detect with OSH...

  • what about some kind of Litz Wire? https://www.newenglandwire.com/en/product-selection-guide/litz-wire-and-formed-cables/litz-wire-theory

    This wire is used when it is necessary to increase the amount of surface area without appreciably increasing the size of the conductor.

  • links are broke...

  • Now this is what I'm talking about. While the project I'm working on is not really inflatable robotics but I am using pinch valves that I found on eBay with big solenoids and I'm having to use a analog relay board to control it with and Arduino Mega and it would be nice to actually see a board that contains a mega and multiple solid state relays or some kind of Shield that contains more than just a couple of relays and that has solid state versions with correct protection for flyback and Emi suppression measuring the pressure is not clear that it would be needed for my application as I'm actually pushing fluids of the adult kind ;-) nudge nudge

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