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  • "Gagabit" rules.

  • Did ya happen to see the amount of dyslexics angry here yesterday?...

  • How was it fair? Anyone that was even busy in the slightest could not participate.

  • "At best, users learn to tolerate the CAPTCHA. Never abuse their tolerance, and use CAPTCHA as rarely as possible - i.e. only when you're sure it's needed." - http://captcha.biz/articles/captcha-best-practices.html


  • Also: http://blog.glacier-digital.com/2011/06/captcha-expired/

  • I am. I am allocating what was budgeted for Sparkfun to other vendors.

    Additionally, I will be investing in and recommending their competitors from now on.

    I don't even really care that I've spent money at Sparkfun - last year's free day was fun and fair - new customers that showed up had to show that they had at least jumped through basic hoops to get free stuff.

    This year was infuriating Captchas (captchas are /meant/ to be infuriating) and completely pointless if you had anything to do during the day.

    Sparkfun's customer base are a bunch of DIY enthusiasts. DIY enthusiasts generally tend to be people that have something better to do during the day than type in captchas.

    At the least, that's the demographic I'd expected to see benefit from Free Day.

    And this is why I'm not shopping here any longer.

  • Maybe some of us that work go to work to pay for things like Sparkfun.

    Alienating the people that have the money to allocate budget to you is generally /not/ the best business decision.

    Nothing is free. This wasn't 'free.'

    This was "free" for people that spend the least at Sparkfun.

    For those of us that make regular purchases, or regularly recommend Sparkfun to clients and friends as an alternative to other DIY sources, this was a GIANT middle finger.

  • Yes, major FAIL.

    This year's contest totally alienated people that have actual shit to do - like making sure OUR infrastructure stays up, and in general just doing our job.

    For the people that get to stay home typing captchas all day, or those who explicitly took off work to participate, there was a chance of getting /something/.

    For everyone else that works to pay their yearly what-once-was-sparkfun budget, there was NO chance.

    Sparkfun might've taken the time to think of their own IT staff, but sure as hell didn't think of anyone else's.

  • For every $1 their "Free Days" have ever given me, I've given them $51.

    If you think they're losing money by having this day, you're nuts.

    They are, however, losing customers after this "Free day."

    NOTHING is free.

  • Sorry Sparkfun, I got shit to do like a job and a life - I can't sit around all day typing captchas.

    For those who think captchas will solve the problem of "are they human?", create an account at http://www.deathbycaptcha.com/user/login

    I am a human. It's bad enough I have to type in 3 passcodes to get into work VPN and 2 passcodes to get into WoW (fortunately, only once a week, may I add), but if you can't write a better system than this* then you obviously don't want paying customers.

    Have a good one. This is making you lose customers.

    • like "prove you're human once and we add you to a pool that we randomly pick from all day long and email you because we understand you have a life"

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