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  • I’m not exactly a beginner but this has certainly kicked my butt. I think I can build my own IOIO easier than I can figure out what’s wrong with this software. Takes more than just version 1.6 of the JRE I think. Tried that I think. Since none of the libraries will compile for me, I am having trouble seeing how the app can ever compile. I’ve looked though most of this. I don’t even feel like complaining anymore. Just do something, anything else.

    Any suggestions where maybe a more useful example might be?

    Did some more reading again today, to the bottom of the Troubleshooting Guide. What a difference a day makes. For anyone else having a problem. This was my fix:

    You MUST uncheck the Copy Projects into Workspace box when you import. I’ve pretty much ignored that field for 3 years. Then things work as they say they should. That is, you will still have to download the old JRE then tell it to Fix Project Setup if you are using an up to date JRE and set the OS target up higher if you didn’t download all of the older ones. But it now compiles.

    Hope this helps.

    It’s been a couple more frustrating days compiling but not working. The errors from the logcat looked like this:

    06-05 16:22:23.954: V/IOIOImpl(17583): Waiting for underlying connection 06-05 16:22:23.954: I/IncomingState(17583): IOIO Connection established. Hardware ID: SPRK0020 Bootloader ID: IOIO0400 Firmware ID: IOIO0330 06-05 16:22:23.954: V/IOIOImpl(17583): Querying for required interface ID 06-05 16:22:23.962: E/IOIOImpl(17583): Required interface ID is not supported 06-05 16:22:23.962: E/IOIOBaseApplicationHelper(17583): Incompatible IOIO firmware 06-05 16:22:23.962: E/IOIOBaseApplicationHelper(17583): ioio.lib.api.exception.IncompatibilityException: IOIO firmware does not support required firmware: IOIO0004

    So it appears to me that the v40 stuff isn’t going to work. I load up the v33 stuff. Now I have reached the point where it tells me it can’t find the MainActivity class. I fool around with it and eventually it quits telling me now JNA 3.5. (more BS) will not run on my device. Jeesh!

    I’m back to building my own. This has been the biggest time waster I’ve seen for a while. Even if it does work today, looks like it might quit tomorrow or the next day and require more time wasting.

    Final call for suggestions before I throw this board in the trash can and move on.


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