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  • I just got this set up after a few hiccups. My first challenge was that my first 2 USB cables didn't work properly. However, all of that trouble was pointless, because I already had WiFi and SSH set up on the Pi, so I could have just SSH'd in and bypassed all of the serial monitor setup.

    My second challenge was installing the RPi_Cam_Web_Interface. I received several "404 not found" errors communicating with the repositories, so I had to edit my repository sources in /etc/apt/sources.list.

    It should also be noted that it appears that only PHP 7 is an option for Raspbian Stretch, so be sure to select 7 when setting up the web interface.

  • It was a cable issue. The first 2 failed. I almost didn't try a 3rd, but that made the difference.

  • Thanks for the reply. I tried the Arduino Leonardo to test if the problem was the motor shield, my cable, or computer. The Arduino IDE recognized an Arduino Uno. I'll keep plugging. Thanks!

  • I've also hit a snag. I'm having trouble finding the motor shield on USB on my Mac (Sierra 10.12.6). It's been years since I've used the Arduino IDE (1.8.5), and I tried following and installing the FTDI drivers as instructed in the related Sparkfun article, but no luck. I also have an old Arduino Leonardo, and the Arduino IDE isn't finding it on the serial Ports either, so my guess is that this is a Mac OS FTDI driver issue, but I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • My company has outsourced a couple of apps that been built with Xamarin. As a web developer, I've never taken the time to really understand how the Xamarin apps work, and that's always bugged me. This was a very helpful overview, thank you! Hopefully I will find some time to fire up Visual Studio and try running the code myself.

  • Congrats, I'm really excited for your team! Thanks for always being so transparent with your business. It's very enlightening to me as a fellow business owner. We started about the same time as you and have seen similar issues (including the business name issue), although on a much smaller scale.

  • So I just got 2 more of these and am trying to daisy chain them together. I'm trying to make my best guess using the RGB examples out there, but I can't even find any confirmation that these RG matrices daisy chain "out of the box".

    I'm trying the following code in the setup, for 2 boards, per the documentation:

    // Configure boards      
    digitalWrite(CHIPSELECT,LOW); // enable the ChipSelect on the backpack
    spi_transfer('%'); // % byte
    spi_transfer('2'); // num boards
    digitalWrite(CHIPSELECT,HIGH); // disable the ChipSelect on the backpack

    However, it's not working when sending 128 bytes in the loop() part of the code.

    Anyone have advice for daisy chaining the RG Backpacks? Thanks!

    ** Update 3/10/2012 **

    I have this working on two screens, but now I'm having a ghosting issue. Please see the forums at http://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=31590&p=140963 for more info.

    ** Update 3/18/2012 **

    Ghosting issue has been resolved. Please see forum linked above.

  • Thanks for your help Jim. That code works great. I just tried a 9V, 600ma wall wart power supply and it's the same story. Code won't show up with Vcc on 5V. If I unplug it then LEDs light up and animate. When I plug Vcc back in, then the LEDs get brighter, but the animation (red/green blink) stops.

    I'm stumped right now.

    *** update ***

    The above issue does not occur on my Arduino Uno. So there's something going on with my Arduino NG...

    *** update ***

    Here's a little video of it working side-by-side with a Processing sketch. I'll update the video page when I have some code to post that goes with it.


  • Hi Jim. Thanks for the reply. I actually FINALLY did get it (kind of) working. I'm using the code on the Arduino Forums at http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1236098804, with the connections as you and others have noted.

    I'm still having an issue though. My code will only work if the power line (Vcc) is floating. If it's plugged into 5V on the Arduino (NG) power rail it will not work (Arduino is running on USB power). If I unplug the power line, the matrix will light up with the programmed pattern, and then if I re-plug Vcc into 5V the pattern gets brighter.

    I just updated the code to display an alternating pattern, which will work with Vcc floating, but the moment I plug it into 5V on the Arduino the pattern stops alternating.

    Has anyone seen that or have any ideas?

  • Does anyone have any working Arduino code for the Red / Green only backpack? I'm a little disappointed that this isn't working as easily as I thought it would.

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