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  • I love these little guys and need to order some more for an upcoming project. Any idea when we can expect the next shipment to come in? It's crazy, but every time I check in these things are sold out.


  • Really great guide, however using the arduino mega I experienced some strange results going from processing to arduino:

    I was using the if / else statement in the void draw in processing with the actual line writing to serial being this: myPort.write(1); (I was using straight bytes rather than chars from another tutorial that ended up working)

    when run the RX light was blinking fast, on almost solid which made sense since it was supposedly transmitting either the 1, or the 0 depending if I was clicking or not.

    However, the Arduino was not receiving any actual bytes and the only time I got a response was in the else statement since it covered not receiving a byte as well.

    What I stumbled across that worked, was using using a method like this:

    void mousePressed() {
            squareVisible = !squareVisible;
            if(squareVisible) port.write(0);
            else              port.write(1);

    Any ideas why that would work for me , and the continuous method wouldn't?

  • Is it normal for this board's microphone to become way more sensitive or less sensitive when it's VCC input voltage changes?

    I have a potentiometer that adjusts the brightness of an led strip which in turn affects the voltage running through out the entire circuit. When I turn it up enough, the microphone board looks like it's picking up total static with the indicator light fully on. If I turn it back down, it becomes less sensitive.

    Measuring the envelope output indicates the same thing is happening.

    at it's most sensitive vcc measures at 4.25 volts at its least sensitive (led brightness at 0) vcc measures at 4.77

    How can I get consistent readings and still retain the ability to adjust things else where?

  • I bought a couple of these to convert teensy 3.1's 3.3v data signal up to 5v to communicate more effectively with adafruit's neoPixels.

    I've read a lot about people using the 74HCT245 but should this perform a similar function?

    So far I'm having some intermittent problems that I'm not yet sure are related to this, or my code.

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