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  • I am sooo new to this that I really don't have a clue about these. Are you saying that I would not need an Arduino to communicate with the MP3 Shield? Just a shift in break out? I am sorry if this seems like a silly question. My head is swimming as I try to understand what is going on with these cool little devices. Thanks.

  • I have a project and I am not sure the best way to make it work. I have an audio board from a pinball machine that I want to replace with an MP3 player. It has two binary address lines and 8 data bits that allow it to play up to 256 sounds (I think it only uses about 40 sounds). All of the signals are 5 volt logic. The current system then processes that through a cpu and Eproms to retrieve and play "sounds". I want to be able to take these signals and use them to play MP3s. I can run the two address lines through an AND gate and feed one input to make it simpler. Can this be done with the Lily pad MP3 or the MP3 trigger or can it be done with the MP3 player shield and an Arduino? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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