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  • Pete, I am curious as to what we are hearing on the radio (what is the source of the audio)? Your ears can't hear anywhere close to 650kHz and the scope is showing a pretty nice sinusoid (maybe there is some AM going on, but its hard to tell from the few waveforms shown. I have almost no radio experience so terms like short wave, continuous wave kinda go slightly over my head (but I have messed around with a Colpitts to broadcast, over a distance of about 3 feet, the signal of a electret mic (a.k.a a really useless bug)).

  • Redbot stop pestering me! For the last time, there will be NO aerial class for the 2015 AVC!

  • What about an antistatic mat? I am of the opinion that this is one critical item for a high end workstation used for electronic projects... I hate it when ESD delays my work. I'll admit I don't have one at my home workshop, but will wear an ESD strap as an attempt to eliminate one potential failure point.

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