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  • I got reconnected. The baud rate had been reset to default, so in trying 9600, all was happy again. I just ordered an open logger to get the 20hz serial data to file.

  • Now I've done it. I managed to lose comms with my device after playing with some settings. In an effort to change data rates, I set "Binary Message Interval" to 0, now it won't communicate at all via the SkyTraq software. What is my next step? There are a lot of settings that have no documentation or explanation that makes ideal configuration difficult at best. for example the binary message interval is 0-255. Not very helpful. Also there are no units on the front page of the software that keeps you guessing...

    I got enough data from the logger to see that I can only get it at 1hz. How can I set the internal logging rate to a higher value? I was under the impression I could get much higher rates based on the 20hz update rate spec. Any help would be appreciated. Scott

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