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  • I never got any of my 3 purchased PlayingWithFusion sensors to work which uses the same chipset. I got false readings all the time, and at one time when a thunderstorm was right ontop of me, it didnt detect anything. And i used a linear powersupply, however my arduino which i had it connected to, did not!

    The datasheet tells it has only 40% chance of detecting lightning if i remember correctly. Regarding the direction, i wanted to have 3 sensors spread out over the town i live in, which reported the signal strength and timestamp to a SQL server of mine, that way it would be possible to triangulatea aprox where it struck down :) But since i never got my sensor to work, i had to give up on this. I really like the site lightningsmaps.org, this is a community driven project, and somewhere on their site, there are instructions how to build a sensor of your own and contribute.

  • Wouldnt this device with its current over the terminals make the water sour?

  • Isnt it easier and cheaper just to purchase a powerbank. that way you have battery and booster circuit. You can get 2600mAh for 1 dollar on ebay.

  • Wouldnt a device like this make the soil sour through eletrolysis of the hydrogen? Ive thought of building many devices like this myself but i dont think its good for the plant. also if there is any copper, its very bad aswell. A simple copper nail can kill an entire tree ive heard.

  • Excellent, Sparkfun - Can you also get any solarpowered butterfly kits? Those look awesome.

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