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  • You say this doesn't have the UV stabilized coating, but the photo and the specs appear to be that of the WeatherPro Series PT15-300 which DOES have a UV stabilized coating. Can you confirm the manufacturer's model number on both this and the 5-pack version of this?

  • If the green and blue LEDs have a typical voltage of 3.3V (3.5V max) and the red LEDs have a typical voltage of 2.0V (2.2V max) and all the current resistors are the same value (which appears to be 100 ohms on the schematic), isn't that going to screw up the brightness of the RED LED? The blue and green are running about 17 mA and the red is 30 mA (right at the peak current limit for the LED).

  • When is Sparkfun going to build a Mars rover?

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