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  • How many aerial vehicles ended up being lost in the water? I'm aware of two but had to leave about 2PM. Were there any more?

  • Any plans for a UAS/quadcopter meet up this spring as was done last year?

  • Once again I would point out you are excluding a group (I think large) who will not risk their copters or planes over water. Yes, no one went in the water last year. I would suggest that's because the real hobbyist folks wouldn't take the risk. The guys who nearly went in regained manual control because they are the elite of quad developers and flyers.
    I think there are many folks in my class and you could increase the participation and fun by making the course safer for the bots - at lease to the point we could recover pieces. But you may have as many entrants as you can handle now, and I get that. When you reduce the risk to our expensive equipment I'd love to enter. But I'm taking the change of my $3k quad going to the bottom of the reservoir.

    Any plans for a 'quad conference' like you had last year?

  • Too bad the aerial is over water. We have a brand new quad we were going to enter but it would be irresponsible to risk loosing it in the water.

  • Any updates on a venue?

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