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  • I have a similar issue. First, I believe you are using words interchangeably. I believe the pairing process only happens once and you remain paired whether you are "connected" or not. I am using this with an android tablet which has had it's bottom bar removed for kiosk reasons. If the module is shut off, I lose the audio connection and need to go into settings to reconnect. My issue is that I can no longer get out of settings ha!

  • As asked on the waterproof ones, if you turn all on full you get 18A. This obviously won't support that so what would the limit be?

  • I have the same question. My best guess is to just do SPKR+ to AGND.

  • Maybe I am missing something but I see a fundamental design flaw. Don't most pots have a 270 deg range which makes this knob only good for 1 - 9.5?

  • The claw itself is significantly more complex but is less than half the price of this. 30 is a bit steep.

  • Hey Nick, (I'm the guy who said on YT who said I was building a Mario Kart themed machine) I get most of my parts brand new from pinballlife.com. I didn't want the extra task of having to clean or restore the mechanics on top of design. There is also marcospecialties but their site is MUCH less friendly to a builder. Also Nick, one of my best discoveries is you can make ball gates (which are difficult to find and very expensive) out of .5x1/16" aluminum strip and "piano" (high carbon steel) wire, both available from a hardware store. Just do some bending and it works perfectly.

  • I suggested metal foot push buttons once. Didn't hear back but sure enough, a couple months later they had them.

  • So I'm building a pinball machine and was planning on using several ATMega328s each controlling a small area and connecting them all with an I2C bus. One for this group of bumpers, one for the buttons/flippers and so on. Now I'm tempted to just use one of these for the whole thing. I've never used 32bit uCs and really don't even know what that means in terms of features and usability. Anyone have an opinion? It would be really nice to just stick a USB port on the machine and make any changes from there. (The dot matrix still gets its own 328 for muxing purposes.)

  • This doesn't make a ton of sense to me. You have the males, both 1/5 and 1/4, in the "red size" (22-16) and the females in the "blue size" (16-14). I usually connect wires of the same size... 1/4", female, red size I would think would be the most common.

  • Confirmed, you do need an external pull up on the sleep pin but the g-select has an internal pull down for 1.5g operation.