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  • By typing at the prompt: "GN3Sv3 -s 2000 -c 3" my SSD computer successfully captured 2000 seconds of data (-s 2000) at a lower sampling frequency mode # (-c 3) which was required to eliminate the "buffer overrun" failure. Evan of SparkFun Tech Support assisted me, as well as Dennis Akos, one of the authors of the book, A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver. Thank you both!

  • “The application file GN3Sv3.exe seems to work properly to give 2 seconds of data. What other parameters and in what format should I put on the same command line behind GN3Sv3 to get 2000 seconds of data? The README file is not specific enough for my DOS skills! Thank you!”

    D:>GN3Sv3 Attemping to collect 2secs/32.7MB of data 100% data collected Total time = 2.02481s Data size = 32.8172MB Average speed = 16.3074MB/x Success!

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