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  • Two questions: - Does this block provide charge power if I also have a battery block? - Can I stack more than one block? ie, are there connectors on both sides?

  • If the QRE1113 has a transistor output, why build the amplifier circuit following the reflectance sensor? Why not just route the output from the QRE1113 straight to the microcontroller (an ATmega in this case, right?) - The transistor should only drop about 0.7V, right? Or am I missing something really basic?

  • I know. I hate it when I accidentally your whole window.

  • This IC plus three higher-current external transistors? Just use them as switching amps. Then you have all the current/voltage capacity you want if you design it right.

  • Does anyone else recognize those exact same checks and "x's" in the quiz as the same ones from webassign?

  • Whoa there! How can I be so sure that I won't catch anything from your chips?

  • THANK YOU! Far too few people have seen airplane! We'll be attacking from the south, a flight of four planes, low and fast. We'll be making our run at dawn. "But when will you return!?" I can't tell you that. Classified.

  • Nate? Didn't know about the konami code? I mean, come on man. You call yourself a hacker? I mean, I'm 16 and I have cheated on Contra. Step up your game!<br />
    Good work, guys.

  • The price of this board is ludicrous. 55 dollars? even at BatchPCB's consumer pricing, thats only about a 15 dollar board (worst case) plus 10 dollars without a volume discount for the micro, then, what, 10 bucks for the rest of the parts? You are making a 40% profit on this board worst case. I've never had a problem with SFE (or their pricing, anyone on the sfe staff can see my purchase record) but this seems a little insane.

  • The Uno's '8U2 looks to have the ISP header broken out, just not populated. You could certainly reprogram it, just not with the Arduino IDE (Since it's the middle man between the Arduino IDE and the ATmega328).

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