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  • Could I use this to make a robot that i could control from across the world? Of course given that both the robot and i have a wifi connection.

  • could I get similar results of an UNO plus wifi shield as i would get with the new yun?

  • Whatever happened to the Spectra Symbol contest? Who won?

  • forgive my ignorance, but has the winner been announced yet? where?

  • I wish Sparkfun open-sourced the nutrition facts...

  • Great Idea!

  • And just when I thought you guys couldn't go any more Open Source...

  • a rectangular LED matrix could also be used insted of the seven segment one. This could teach how to control a matrix with arduino for those of us that dont yet know how.

  • Sorry if I sounded like I was saying Bunks design was not good. I actually stumbled upon it some time ago and really like it a lot. I just was saying that it is meant for a hard circuit board and that it could be optimized for a flexible board.

  • This idea has been toyed with a few times, and I think it could serve a useful purpose. "Bunk" in a previous post mentioned a watch. He had the circuit completely contained in the top part, but I think it would be more useful to space it across the entire band. This watch could be like a much more advanced BigTime kit with mostly (If not all) SMT components. This could have at least 30 SMT LED's arranged in four seven segment formations along with the two dots in the middle of the characters on most digital watches. With a small SMT button, it would be possible to only have the time show up when the button is pressed, in order to satisfy the relatively large current draw of the micro controller. Where the band ends this could have a standard six pin header for attaching this to an FTDI Basic Breakout board in order to reprogram this in the familiar Arduino IDE that we all know and love. This may be pushing the size of SMT components or the flexibility of the boards, but that watch could possibly be folded into a standard credit card size to store in a wallet or pocket. If all of these ideas could be pulled off, it could be pretty impressive to have such a small Arduino compatible device with hardware built in. I hope I didn't bore you guys with the long post, but I just had to dish out all of my ideas :)

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