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  • Well, there is consumer WiFi up to 5.8 GHz... :-)

  • This is where you are incorrect. Net Neutrality means that the FCC gets to decide what content is considered "lawful" or not. Remember, you can't curse on broadcast TV without paying a hefty fine.

    Without that classification, we can continue to experience the same open internet that we have for the last 20+ years.

  • Why shouldn't I be able to discriminate traffic on my network? I've been packet-shaping for over 20 years now. Another side-effect of "Net Neutrality" is that the FCC will be able to decide what content is "lawful" or not, instead of our elected representatives.

    I want an open internet, not a neutral internet. These are not the same thing.

  • Why is a company like SparkFun supporting creating new laws to further restrict and regulate the internet? The internet as we know it today only exists because of the lack of restrictions and regulations.

  • Price is Right rules?! Awesome! Bob, I'll bid $1!

  • I should clarify, I mean having it on, but the nozzle turned off. Water would be going through the line, but not "traveling" through. It would only be for short (10-15 seconds) duration until I flipped off the switch (or a pressure sensor tells it to turn off). Thanks!

  • Q: If I hooked this up to a faucet or spray nozzle, do I need to turn it off if the water isn't running through?
    I would love to use something like this for a portable sink basin but a lot of pumps say they'll burn out (but then again they also state not to run them dry).

  • I'll be more than happy to join the SparkFun army against SPARC if needed, just say the word!

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