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  • Probably a noob mistake, and I found the solution pretty quickly on the Intel forums: If you get a compile error in the arduino IDE when you try to load your first program from a Windows system, make sure you've installed the arduino IDE on a filepath without spaces. I just unzipped mine to C:\ and everything cleared up.

  • It's definitely not acceptable. I kind of wonder what other stories in the series are like. When I was learning to code in school, I was writing code in Fortran to read in measurements of soda bottle caps, and my program had to test each cap to make sure it was within tolerance. Fascinating! Hard to make that appeal to kids. Barbie should have been the head of a student team of Bug Busters or something, and then they could have turned it into a detective thing.

  • That's just awful. It's hard to tell without reading the rest of the story, but could this be a problem with the author writing about what he/she doesn't know about? Barbie couldn't figure it out on her own because the author didn't know enough about software to write a plausible conflict/resolution? So instead, they opted to just have Barbie's more knowledgeable friends solve it for her?

  • As far as similar companies go: https://www.inventables.com/ They have neat stuff to help with small projects, but not a lot of electrical stuff yet. There's a little bit of overlap but not much.

  • FYI, I'm using this part on a PCB I'm making for school. Haven't made the board yet, but judging from the gerber files, the footprint in the Eagle library doesn't really match. If you look at the part, the two feet on the outside are power and ground and are spaced slightly further away from the two differentials on the inside. I presume so you can run wider traces to them to handle 500mA.
    So...don't trust the footprint in the Sparkfun Eagle Library, because after laying the actual part on top of a 1:1 print out of the gerber file, the feet don't quite line up.

  • Also try the Avery Tap Room and the Mountain Sun and Southern Sun(Mountain's on Pearl Str. and Southern is south on Broadway I believe).

  • I have a strip of RGB's similar to this. Can you snip the ribbon at any point?
    The ones I have let you cut the strip at certain intervals and have pads where you can solder on wires.

  • The LCD screen and a bunch of the of other hardware IS from sparkfun, though...

  • this (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7167520@N07/5248885013/) is what I ended up doing with some RGB LED strips I found.
    I didn't know that Sparkfun sold them at the time...

  • I also have that book and it does a great job of explaining how components work and what kind of applications they have.<br />
    <br />
    Many engineers have theoretical knowledge, but when it comes to implementing the theory, they have no clue what kinds of parts are available or where to find them.

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