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  • If you are going to sink any appreciable amount of current, the FET is going to get very HOT. Perhaps a better solution would be running the FET in a PWM mode with an inductor to smooth out the current ripples.

  • So from the teardown all the unit does is look at the reflected color of the test object.? If so you can purchase a used spectrophotometer off of eBay for about $200 which will do as much if not more.

  • For the US there are numerous low power unlicensed radios. Bands used are 900 Mhz, 2 Ghz and 5 Ghz. All of them are spread spectrum as required by the FCC. Most have serial and some have Ethernet capacities. All of them are will probably be too expensive for hobbyists. Some manufacturers: Freewave, Cal-Amp. Johnson Dataradio, GE MDS. Cisco sells some high end units that feature Ethernet capabilities.

  • My hope is that no single company will dominate the IoT. BTW the company I work for has been doing IoT for at least 10 years. Remote telemetry has been leveraging the internet for communication long before IoT was an idea. There is nothing really new about it. It just means that a device (not necessarily a PC or Mac) can send or receive data over the internet or intranet.

  • AK-47 or any other gun

  • Woo Hoo I got my Atmel!

  • Sorry to say the GE Series One Junior can be programmed by a computer! Check out AutomationDirect series 305 PLCs.

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