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  • I’ve got a similar need, and I’d be very curious to hear any suggestions you can come up with! I’m trying to measure low flow rates (say, less than 1 mL/min to 30 ml/min) at atmospheric pressure (very very low pressure differential), with minimal disturbance of the flow. I’m hoping to find a flowmeter with a diameter 1 cm or greater, but diameter and flow sensitivity appear to be inversely proportional, so most of what I’ve seen is in the 1 mm range.

    This is the best sensor I’ve found, and it appears to be possible to control with an Arduino: http://www.sensirion.com/en/products/liquid-flow-sensors/components-for-oem-applications/lg-flow-sensor/

    I haven’t found any other sensors that appear to reach such low flow rates (I’ve looked into ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and heat-pulse types). Any thoughts?

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