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  • maybe add a sticker printer that prints out labels that will last in refrigeration and be easily removed (they exist)

  • what about different sized containers too?
    that way you could grab a "cup" of raisins for a snack, just as easily as grabbing a cup of pineapple or almonds for a recipe. The need to quickly prepare a healthy recipe needs some automated help too, or, at least you don't want this system to unnecessarily add time to that task.

  • Terrific idea. Refrigeration, fresh foods (fruits and vegetables) and using existing containers do seem like necessary, and challenging issues to be addressed to engage the majority of the users and to make a tool that will allow for long-term and frequent use daily.
    You have already identified and tackled the issue of making something that helps people with the difficult job of tracking all those nit-picking details of their nutritional habits and helping them with a tool to improve them, however, the hard reality about getting something like this to be broadly adopted by the masses will be to successfully address those issues (cheaply and simply of course). Having jammed that down your throat, it is worth saying that the work done so far is stellar, well thought out and is almost a product on its own. A couple of quick ideas you might be interested in : 1. find a way to offer a "branded" container the user can purchase directly from eBay, Amazon or the like dirt cheap (not necessarily your product) 2. solicit product name/features from your enthusiastic readers on sparkfun and other sites as a contest 3. read up on "how to... successful kickstarter..." and do that after you figure out all the details 4. ask several nutritionists & doctors for their ideas on how to organize, collect and summarize data so the "information out" is useful for the user and can be used for other purposes you have not yet considered (e.g. a report or data the doctor can use for people that "need" to have a system like yours help them with nutrition /weight to solve health problems over long periods of time)

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